Stoic Belgian Style Quad, Not Four the Faint of Heart

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Archaic Offerings from the Deschutes.

Wow, what can I say about this little treasure, it’s very complex and absolutely gorgeous.  This is a Specialty Brew from the Deschutes Brewery and explaining this little beauty would be better left to the professionals, but I’ll do my best.

Stoic is a truly the Old School Nectar of the Gods, it is fermented not once or twice, but Four times and aged in not only Pinot Noir but Rye Whiskey Oak Barrels as well.  This adds wonderful Vanilla Smoke flavors that mix well with the Pomegranate, almost Cranberry fruit notes, that grow stronger when left to breathe.

This beer reminds me of a good brandy, due to the smoky fruit flavors mixing nicely with the impressive Eleven Percent Alcohol by Volume.  This beer will warm your entire torso while soothing any wine or liquor cravings you or your guests may have.  So if you’re feeling feisty give Stoic a go and tell me what you think.


Lompoc Kick Axe, Welcome Replacement for The Timbers Amy

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Great Grog for the Masses

As any Timbers Fan can tell you there has been an onslaught of new beers that are battling for the rights to call themselves the Unofficial Beer for The Timbers Army.  I loved the No Pity Ale from the Lucky Lab Brewery and was bewildered at what I considered an early retirement, so I decided to try a new contender and found that Lompac’s Kick Axe is a great addition not only for The Timbers Army’s Grog Rations but also as a Pale Ale.

The floral and fruit smells that are unleashed with the ever present hoppy aroma, entices your mouth to water immediately after cracking this walnut colored brew.  It has a yeasty bread flavor, along with a heavier mouth feel that might not be for everyone. I’m no soccer fan but I can definitively understand the appeal of a drunken, singing, staggering soccer fan and believe that they will appreciate the extra lube that this beer provides.

Dead Guy Ale – More Approachable Than it Seems

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I would happily drink this beer, especially if there is also acess to a grill.

I haven’t had the Dead Guy Ale from the Rogue Brewery in many years, I’m talking my early twenties, when slithering in the back door of a dark, unkept establishment and ordering something like “Dead Guy” gave you a certain feeling of bravado.  In any dive bar back then Dead Guy Ale and Arrogant Bastard were considered the house standards for Trouble Makers such as myself.

So I grabbed a bottle the other night and was quite surprised at how this beer that sounds like it may vary well kick sand in your eyes upon It’s Release, instead seemed to hand me a rose and a George Decay “HELLOOO”.  This little copper cutie couldn’t hurt a fly, seriously this brew drinks like a session.  Now that’s not necessarily  a bad thing, it’s very aromatic and as smooth as any ale I’ve ever had, so it may be the perfect beer for the weather we’ve had lately.

Bridgeport Hop Czar Brings Back Bad Memories!

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A Bitter Disappointment All The Way Around!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate to say this because Bridgeport Brewery is one of Oregon’s oldest breweries, but their Hop Czar IPA is one of the worst I’ve come across in a long time.  From it’s lack of head and skunky smell that start this beer off in the wrong direction, all the way down to it’s overly harsh bitterness that leaves me with the old familiar soapy aftertaste (if you ever had your mouth washed out for cursing too much you will know all too well what I mean, if not  A Christmas Story will give you a general idea of the unpleasantness of which I speak).

Honestly I don’t wish to waste anymore of my time thinking about this bitter monstrosity, my advice is to leave this beer on the shelf to expire and hopefully wither out of existence.  Possibly the next beer I have from this historic brewery will appease my increasingly dismissive attitude towards their creations.

Ten Tap Taster Will Tantalize Any And All Beer Enthusiasts

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Rainbow Bright Has Competition.

Rainbow Bright Beware, there’s a new color scheme here to throw its weight around.  The Golden Valley Brew Pub offers an interesting and unique way to present its customers with the splendor and creativity that I have come to find as a staple in Mark Vickery’s wonderful array of skills and brews.

This recycled oak barrel slat has found new life presenting all the colors of a Grain-bow (Ha Ha, get it Grain-bow.  Stupid jokes work too people, well OK maybe not this one but it’s too late now) .  This is not only a fun way to present the beers that are on tap, but also a wonderful way for any beer enthusiast to explore Mark Vickery’s take on traditional and unique brewing methods.

When you order the Ten Tap Taster, you will find an array of light to dark brews all laid at your fingertips.  Each poured into shot glasses, that if you don’t mind sharing will easily serve two people, and will give an idea of what pint you may enjoy. The brews range from light, crisp and  almost lemony flavors to the more robust roasted full bodied nitrogen-poured Oatmeal stout.  You’re sure to find a beer to compliment your meal when using this fool-proof method, but as they say “Why have just one, when you can have them all”.

Bald Peak IPA is a Definite High Point

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A True Drinking Contradiction of Bitter and Smooth. I Don't Know How Mark Does It, I Just Want More!!!

This is one of my all-time favorite IPA’s, brewed locally here in Oregon, this hoppy delight comes to us via our friend Mark Vickery at the Golden Valley Brew Pub in both McMinnville and Beaverton Oregon.  This brew has a beautiful, yet slightly complex blend of bitter to sharp citrus flavors that almost waltz in time with it’s strong IBU and fresh hops punch that every IPA wishes it could duplicate.

This is a seasonal beer and may be a bit much for your everyday beer drinker (and possibly even IPA lovers such as myself), but if you’re  a hop-head like me this is a fantastic treat any day of the week.  For those who prefer a slightly less bitter IPA, Mark has you covered all year round with his signature  Chehalem Mountain IPA which has a much subtler and slightly smoother hop finish.  Both of these are definite winners in my book.

Golden Valley Brew Pub Spreads It’s Wings

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Good news for anyone who is a fan of Great Beers, the Golden Valley Brewery has opened it’s new location in Beaverton Oregon (unfortunately word on the web is Stick With The Original, until the Beaverton location works out it’s wrinkles).  This Brewpub has been a staple in McMinnville Oregon for a dozen or so years and the brewmaster Mark Vickery has held the reigns for at least Six of those and deservedly so in my opinion.

The new location will not have a brewery on sight due to the expensive real estate in the area, though this may be a bit disappointing because it removes half of the showmanship of the original restaurant, it’s not all bad.  The new location will have fresh kegs arriving constantly from the Flagship, this means that all the beers will be made with Marks personal care and attention, which knowing Mark as I do is welcoming news for the Portland area.

To support this new venture Mark has taken on an assistant, A Job I Really Wanted, but I’m sure has gone to a very capable individual because quality is all that counts when it comes to Mark and his Beer.  The business has also expanded it’s already crowded brewery, not in size per-say but in equipment.

They have nearly doubled the equipment in this quaint small town brewery and were gracious enough to let yours truly have a little peek after the Wort Warriors had cleaned and retired for the evening.  Unfortunately, I was trying to get there in time to speak with my old friend Mark about his upcoming seasonal beers and get an inside perspective into the future of this new venture, but some other time I suppose.

Your probably asking “where’s the beer and what’s it like”, to that  I say “patience kiddies, that comes next”.  For now I just wanted to help get the word out about the growth of a great little brewery and their march towards the big city.

Best Wishes to the GVB and Mark, Your friend and fan,